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The Story Behind Rare Exotic Backwoods Flavors

Banned Backwoods B

What would you do for a Grape Backwood? A post on @officialhollywoods Instagram had stoners in a frenzy by posing that simple question. But why? There’s a cult following of Backwoods flavors unavailable in the United States. We’re talking about Vanilla, Grape, Banana, and Wild Rum. You can’t find these flavors anywhere — and there’s […]

The Queens Come Together for a Chat About Sex & Cannabis | QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE

In the immortal words of Salt-n-Pepa, let’s talk about sex and weed. Okay, we added that last part, but with good reason. Cannabis has long played an important role in sexual health but that hasn’t lead to an open approach to discussing the two together. Thankfully as legalization has spread, both mainstream acceptance of the […]