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Erasing The Stain of Sexual Harassment in The Cannabis Industry

Sexual harassment is a widely discussed topic in today’s headlines, thrusting into the spotlight many practices that suggest women have been put into disadvantageous situations in many industries typically known or accepted as “boys clubs.” From #MeToo to Time’s Up, women are speaking out now more than ever before. This includes women in the cannabis […]

Everything You Need to Know About Newfoundland’s Legal Weed Plans

Just as the long Canadian winter now edges towards its terminus, so too can we see the first furtive signs of the country’s creeping cannabis spring. The thaw will come across the land in uneven patches thanks to Justin Trudeau downloading all the regulatory work to our varyingly dysfunctional provincial governments. And based on the […]

Swiss Police Introduce Rapid Test for CBD Levels in Cannabis

To address the conundrum of determining whether the cannabis being publicly consumed in the canton, the city of Zurich, and the city of Winterthur is legal, police departments have introduced a CBD rapid test. At the end of 2016, the Swiss ministry of health approved the first tobacco substitute from CBD-rich hemp buds. In Switzerland, […]

Marijuana Legalization In Canada

RECREATIONAL USE OF CANNABIS The Liberal Government of Canada has announced that it will legalize weed in Canada by July of 2018. The current marijuana laws in Canada, however, do not permit the use of cannabis outside of the medical arena. Production, distribution and possession of cannabis (without proper paperwork) could still lead to charges. […]