Turn On/Off Your THC Vape:

Push button 5 times till light flashes white 3 times and then shows a solid color.

To turn off the vape, push the button 5 times repeatedly till flashes white. Its always good to turn your vape off after a session so you don’t accidentally turn it on in your pants.

How to insert/change THC Pods:

To insert a new flavor thc pod, insert it into the cartridge connecting port. When you insert it you should see a solid color before it disappears. if the pen is flashing when you insert the vape pod it is either not charged, pod is empty or not inserted correctly.

How to vape & control temperature:

To activate the Vape simply hold the button in the middle of the battery and it will become either sold red, blue or green while holding it. This indicates the temperature of the cartridge. Lower temp is best for flavor, medium a balance of large clouds/flavor and green which is the highest setting and only recommended for advanced cannabis users.

To Change Vape Temperature, push the button 3 times till it flashes a new colour.

How to Continuously Vape for 15 secs:

Once your vape is on, you can continuous preheat for up to 15 seconds by pushing the vape button twice.

When your vape is pre-heating it will rapidly change colour on the LED Button for 15 seconds unless you cancel it. by holding the button or pushing it once.