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4 Gram Shatter Mix And Match


Choose between 4 grams of shatter and save $$$ with our 4 gram mix and match bundle.

  Product Quantity
Grand Daddy Purple Shatter (1g)
Golden Goat Shatter (1g)
Gelato Shatter (1g)
Bubba Shatter (1g)
MK Ultra Shatter (1g)
Strawberry Cough Shatter (1g)
Pink Kush Shatter (1g)
Rockstar Shatter (1g)
Mac 1 Shatter (1g)
Gelato Budder (1g)
Peanut Butter Rockstar Budder (1g)
Pink Kush Budder (1g)
White Cookies Budder (1g)
THC-CBD Bubba Budder (1g)
Platinum Punch Badder (1g)
Juicy Fruit Budder (1g)
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