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Sour Diesel Kief


90% sativa, 10% indica; Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativa strains out there. You’ll know straight up you’re in for a thrilling buzz by the appearance of the leaves and buds. Sour Diesel is endowed with chunkier, rounder calyxes, it has light green coloring with darker sugar leaves and its pistils, shooting out like flames, range in colour from a light peach right through to a toasty hot orange. This little beauty is proof that Mother Nature can be one hot mamma.

The hallmark of Sour Diesel is its pungent petrol-like smell that clings to the buds and lingers in the air after you’ve lit one up. Where the “sour” part comes into play is open to interpretation and will depend on your own unique sense of smell. The stronger the aroma when opening up a bag of Sour Diesel, the better. If you enjoy hanging around gas stations, catching the mild high that comes with filling up your tank, then you’re in for a real treat. And if your olfactories aren’t such fans of the fresh scent of diesel  – no stress – Sour Diesel has a taste much sweeter than its smell, and the mood-elevating buzz you’ll get will be well worth it.

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