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Lime Kush (Popcorn Nugs)


Lime Kush is also known as Lime OG. It’s an evenly balanced hybrid bred by the folks at Exotic Genetix, the breeders out of Washington State most famous for Tina and Cookies & Cream. Their Lime Kush is a combination of Triple OG and Lime Skunk with a moderately high THC level and a potent flavor. This isn’t a strain that should be taken lightly! In addition to creating a feeling of motivation, creativity, and focus, it also has a tendency to induce a hard case of couch-lock. So long as you like spicy citrus energy, the appropriately named Lime Kush has a lot to offer new consumers who want to come out of the gate with something strong, as well as those who are experienced with Kush strains and like the intensity.

Lime Kush takes it easy on you at first, letting you relax into the high before sending waves of pulsing energy in cerebral, happy feelings. You’ll be motivated, focused, mentally energetic, and ready to take on a new creative task. It’s only as you keep going that the relaxation starts to settle in and any fatigue and pain begins to fade away. The way that Lime Kush can “put you down” gives it potential for stabilizing ADHD symptoms, though every consumer differs on how they react to the calming influence of Lime Kush. We recommend the strain for a reading day, a spa trip, a day of hobbies and art, or just lying around and watching TV. Lime Kush can take the starchy stress right out of your brain-folds and help you melt into your surroundings on the most relaxing of days.

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