Beloeil is an off-island suburb of Montreal along the Richelieu river. It has a classic Quebec river city feeling, with green trees and cobblestone roads. If you want to plan the perfect smoked-filled day, kick it off with a few puffs from your Flyte Pen in one of the many lush parks. If you are looking for something active to do, there is a great Golf club called Club de Golf Beloeil that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon of golf. Afterwards, you might want to smoke a strong Indica strain such as Tuna Kush and sooth yourself in Strøm Spa Nordique. This nordic style spa is sure to heal your muscles and put you in a state of complete relaxation. If you really enjoy it, there is a hotel there where you can stay the night. Quebec is a very culture rich province, so it would be a shame not to experience and learn about the art, architecture, and food of the region.

Art viewing is a lot of fun while you’re high, so smoke up and stare at some creative works in the Maison de la Culture Villebon or Le musee des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire. While these galleries are on the small side, they have plenty of charm and host some very exclusive artists. To expand your cultural tour, the Beloeil cultural centre is the go-to destination for local cultural events and exhibits. There is also Eglise Saint-Hilaire which is a little town outside the city featuring the amazing architecture of many historical buildings. Smoke the world’s best weed in Beloeil, Quebec with Kana Post mail order marijuana service. You can high quality weed shipped to Beloeil or any other Canadian city with fast and cheap shipping. Browse our selection of products such as edibles, flower, oil, and vaporizers today at