Smokers around the world know BC for its quality bud and classic west coast vibe. With a moderate climate, this is the perfect province to be outside all year round so you can enjoy that joint with some fresh air. Given its varied mountainous terrain and its coasts, lakes, rivers, and forests, British Columbia has long been enjoyed for pursuits like hiking  camping, climbing, and fishing. These activities can be enjoyed throughout the year, and are complimented nicely with a spliff of Red Congolese. Of course BC also offers plenty of urban experiences. Vancouver has a great smoking culture and is home to indoor smoking lounges where you can have a toke while you play pool or chill with the resident cats. Head to one of the many Vancouver beaches in the summer to relax in the sun or hop aboard a ferry to Vancouver Island for stunning coastlines and laid back towns. If you enjoy surfing, BC is the only place in Canada where you can find quality waves to ride. Tofino, BC has some world famous surfing beaches – but be prepared! These waters are far from warm so you’ll want to bring a dry suit to avoid becoming a human icicle. If you are a BC resident or just visiting, there is plenty to do and see. If you want to truly experience the west coast lifestyle, you wont want to be without a quality stash of pot. Order online to anywhere in Canada with Kana Post’s fast delivery service. We offer edibles, extracts, flower, and many other marijuana products to ensure you can maintain that BC lifestyle and stay faded whenever and wherever you’d like.