Northwest Territories
Welcome to the Northwest Territories. There may not be many big city lights or bustling crowds, but the place is damn beautiful. It’s one of the few places where you can see the Northern Lights every year, making it a truly unique palce. We recommend smoking a joint in the snow under the beautiful colors of this natural phenomenon. Try a nice indica stain like M39. This strain is named after the famous Northern Lights, which have the astronomical designation M39, and it creates a soothing body high and a calming mental effect. The biggest city you’ll find is Yellowknife, which sits on Great Slave Lake and is home to rich culture and amazing natural beauty. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center is your one stop shop to learn about the traditional customs and values of the First Nations in the area.

In the summer you can hit Yellowknife Bay, which is perfect for swimming and boating on a hot day. A unique feature of the north are the Buffalo, which have predictable migration patterns and can be viewed if you go with a guide. Wood Buffalo National Park offers these services, taking interested individuals through a nature adventure across the grasslands and tundra. If you want to find weed easily in the Northwest Territories, you are probably out of luck. There is not a large marijuana culture up there, and certainly no dispensaries. Luckily Kana Post ships to the Northwest Territories, bringing you high quality pot wherever you live. Check out our catalogue of edibles, extracts, oils, and flower and have it all shipped right to your front door. Visit today and receive a discount off your first order.

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