Smack in the middle of our great country you’ll find Manitoba. This final prairie province is home to over 100,000 lakes with plenty of unique wildlife that was a main driver of the fur trade in Canada’s early days. The climate is certainly unique, with vastly different winter and summer weather as well as tornados during certain parts of the year in the area known as Tornado Alley. Up north you can even find Polar Bears, a classic Canadian symbol. The largest city in Manitoba is Winnipeg, and for a reason. Winnipeg is host to many historical Canadian attractions and some of the nicest people in the land. Try some of Kana Posts ACDC flower from our online dispensary and find peace with your fellow Manitobans. Every year Winnipeg hosts a massive Folk Festival which is the perfect environment to smoke up and relax. Of course you’ll find plenty of nature to get away from it all and find that perfect smoke spot, but keep in mind the extreme weather in summer and winter – Manitoba is definitely ideal during springtime. If you are looking to pick up weed you are going to have trouble finding a dispensary anywhere in the province. Skip the effort and head to We offer a great selection of quality marijuana products including oils, edibles, and flower. Kana Post has fast shipping and low prices – first timers get 10% off. Whether you are looking to toke up yourself or you want to give the gift of marijuana to friends or family, Kana Post is the ultimate destination for mail order marijuana Manitoba.