If you are looking get out of the sun, the Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum will give you a better idea of the industry that created Whitehorse, as well as some insight into the general history of the area. There are some very resilient Canadians living in the Yukon, and you can see that attribute on display at the Yukon Quest. This annual dogsled race starts in Whitehorse and runs 1000 miles across the icy tundra of Yukon. Just watching such an activity ought to make you cold, so maybe smoke another J and go to Takhini hot springs for a nice steam bath and spa. Although there is amazing nature in Whitehorse, it doesn’t mean there is amazing weed. Order online through for a great selection of top quality weed that we can send to the Yukon (maybe via dogsled) or anywhere else in Canada. Kana Post has edibles, extracts, and vaporizers so you can get high anyway you like easily and cheaply. Order weed online to The Yukon and enjoy the great outdoors with a little THC.