Atlantic Canada is home to the world’s best seafood, beautiful ocean views, and of course, top notch weed. The premier city in the area is Halifax, with bustling ports and stunning greenery.  Head over to Halifax and light up a premium Indica pre roll from Kana Post – enjoy views of the water while you relax on the docks. The main attraction in Halifax is Citadel Hill, which provides stunning 360 views of the city. This grassy hill can even be seen on the skyline, as it rises high above the city, with star shape hedges on top. There simply isn’t a better place to smoke. If you are after a more rural vibe, Moncton is the city to be. Moncton provides a small town feel and big city opportunities, with both amazing recreational activities and unique Canadian attractions. The city is most famous for Magnetic Hill – an optical illusion created by unique rolling hills. Visitors can bring their car to the base of the hill and set it in neutral to watch it start to move UP the hill, as well as watch water run up against gravity. The area also includes a zoo with various animals from around the world.

When discussing Atlantic Canada, we can’t forget about the capital of New Brunswick: Fredericton. Known for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton is home to many talented individuals, creating a rich and lively culture throughout the city. It hosts annual jazz, blues, and rock festivals to keep the locals entertained throughout the year. If you are in this city during the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, be sure to spark up a nice doob of killer cannabis and relax in the sun while the many talented artists of the festival serenade you. The biggest and best city in Newfoundland and Labrador has got to St John’s. This colorful coastal has some of the friendliest people you’ll find and provides a genuine Atlantic coast experience. This laid back city is the perfect location to spark up some Kings Kush and watch the water. Signal Hill is the main attraction here: try some Cotton Candy Kush extract and walk up this historic hill overlooking the city. Once at the top, you will find Cabot Tower and other classic castle like buildings from the 17th century.. All these cities have many things to offer, but good quality weed is not one of them. Since local pot is not plentiful or high quality, you’ll want to stay stocked up with the highest quality bud from Kana Post’s rapid mail order delivery service. Order AAAA weed, edibles, oils, and extracts all from the comfort of our own home. We deliver anywhere in Canada with fast, cheap, shipping and smell-proof packaging. Head over to today and take your Atlantic Canadian experience to the next level.