Calgary is home to over a million Albertans and for a reason. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country and is home to some of the most fun Canada has to offer. Pick up some Berry White weed extract from Kana Post to get a clean and delicious high – then check out FunnyFest Comedy Festival. You’ll be giggling yourself out of your chair at this renowned place of laughter. Perhaps Calgary’s most famous sight is the Calgary Stampede. Watch cowboys try to ride the bull to country music while you cheer on with your newly made Albertan friends. After all the rowdyness at the rodeo, you might want to slow things down and smoke a nice spliff of Headband and head to the Alberta Ballet. Any Kana Post product is sure to get you nice and faded while you watch the fine art of dance. 

Calgary offers both a vibrant bustling city and a calm, natural place to relax. For animal lovers there is the Calgary Zoo where you can check out lemurs, tigers, penguins and other international creatures. Foodies can find great eats and top quality ingredients at the Olympic Square and Eau Claire Market – perfect to satisfy those munchies. If nature is more your thing, roll up a big one and walk along bow river. No matter the occasion, Kana Post can provide you with all your mail order marijuana needs to make your experience in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada that much better. We offer edibles, extracts, flower, and oil, giving you plenty of consumption and strain options. Our products come in airtight containers and are wrapped in discreet packaging.