This classic Canadian city is where our founding fathers came together to create Canada. Legend has it our first Prime Minister got the leaders of the provinces together on a train where they drank all night and discussed the possibility of forming a country. The declaration of Canada was eventually signed in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. You can explore this rich history at Founders Hall and experience an interactive trip though Canadian history. Smoke some of our Jupiter OG beforehand and it really will be an interactive “trip”. For music lovers there is the Charlottetown Festival which is the perfect place to puff on some loud and sit in the sun. Another fantastic smoking spot is Victoria Park.

There are plenty of outdoor boardgames to keep you entertained while you make acquaintance and maybe find some new smoking buddies. Kana Post delivers weed straight to any address in Charlottetown, so you wont have to worry about looking around for weed. The final destination we recommend is Province House. This mansion is a real spectacle and creates a very calm vibe for you to relax in while the THC does its work. Order weed online to Charlottetown or any other Canadian city with We offer extracts, oil, edibles, and of course flower along with all the necessary equipment and paraphernalia to keep your Charlottetown experience nice and wavy.