This rocking work hard, play hard city is home to some of the greatest stoner activities in the country. It doesn’t get much better than popping a Butterfly Edible from Kana Post and splashing around in World Waterpark. Or even light up a nice spliff of Lemon Drop and harness your inner child at Galaxyland Amusement Park. There you will find plenty of rides to keep you on your toes and more than enough treats to satisfy your mid-day munchies. As always in Canadian cities, there is plenty of nature to keep your mind grounded and free. Elk Island National Park is the perfect place to spend hiking and exploring (with your good friend Mary Jane of course). If you want the total opposite, Edmonton is home to Canada’s largest shopping mall, with over 800 stores, a life size pirate ship and indoor hockey rink, its sure to give you days of non-stop entertainment. For the music lovers out there, Kana Post provides fast shipping to Edmonton so you can stay stocked up on bud for one of the many live music events hosted at Churchill Square downtown. Have a look at our catalogue of products and order some of the highest quality mail order marijuana in the country, with the fastest shipping in the industry. We are proud to serve Edmonton and other great cities across the nation.