Airdrie, Alberta is home to amazing views of the rocky mountains. This city is nestled in one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Sit back and puff on some Blue Tuna Kush while surrounded by the serenity of the great rockies. For more a more green and luscious nature experience, head to Nose Creek Park where you are sure to find fellow tokers to enjoy a burn with. Here you will find plenty of great relaxation spots, including rocky terrain, greenery, and waterfalls. At night you can enjoy the spectacular sights of Airdrie’s festival of lights – a perfect event for any smoker. If your looking for a nice booze buzz to go with your high, there are plenty great places to grab a drink such as the Canadian Brewhouse. In a place like this, you’ll never want to run out of cannabis supplies – luckily Kana Post delivers to Airdrie and all other cities across Canada. The quality you’ll get on the street doesn’t come close to our quality BC grown products, sure to keep you lifted and in high spirits no matter the occasion