Smoke loud in Brandon. This Manitoban city is the second largest in the province and is full of great spots to smoke and even greater activities. Queen Elizabeth Park has large open spaces with water features and plenty of picnic benches to chill out on. Queen Elizabeth Park is the perfect place to bike around in, as it has nice paved trails throughout. With the various paths all over the park, you’ll have plenty of great biking experiences here. Puff on some Black Diamond and have a picnic before exploring the rest of this amazing park. A unique feature of Brandon is the Westman Reptile Gardens, which is a large exhibit of amphibians, invertebrates, and exotic reptiles from around the world. If you visit, you are sure to see some strange creatures you didn’t even know existed on earth.

To take in some local history, check the Brandon General Museum to learn the story behind the city, from its early days as a fur trading post to its rise as a modern Canadian city. Another great historical attraction is the Brandon Armoury, which was built in 1907 out of red brick and holds weapons for the Total North West Mounted Police force as well as the Manitoba Rangers. If you have never gone to an art gallery baked, this is the place to do it. Puff on a Flyte Pen to get that THC hit then head to the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba for some unique modern art that is sure to melt your mind. Just try not to stare too long, or you might get some stares of your own. Don’t be weedless in Brandon, order online from Kana Post. Browse a selection of oil, edibles, extracts, and bud at Canada’s top mail order marijuana service. Get high quality pot delivered in 2-3 days anywhere in Canada at; new customers get a discount off their first order.

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