Chatham is a lake city in Ontario, sitting close to the US border on Lake Erie. If you are in Chatham, you’ve got to take advantage of all beach front area around the city. Take a joint or two down to Lake Erie and check out the restaurants, hotels, and shops down on the pier. It’s great cause you can smoke up on the beach and get food all in the same area. There is also opportunities to go fishing, boating, camping along this 388km long lake. A similar spot further out is Lake Erieau, which is a popular vacation spot with sandy beaches and conserved wildlife. If you are looking for a nice park inside the city to smoke a spliff in, Kingston Park has you covered, with a plethora of grassy areas and sitting spots, as well as a waterpark so you can cool off in the sun.

If you are in Chatham at the right time, you can catch Retrofest, an annual classic car show. Head downtown to see some of the hottest retro vehicles cruise through the city. As the sun sets, you’ll want to smoke some indica to get you nice and relaxed before maybe catching a movie at Chatham Capitol Theatre. This 1930’s restored theatre is a beautiful and unique place to watch your favourite movies. Make sure you never run out of weed in Chatham. Order online from Kana Post and get high quality pot delivered anywhere in Canada. Don’t smoke? No problem, we offer edibles, extracts and oils so you can get high anyway you’d like. Browse our catalogue of products today at and receive a discount off your first order.