Cornwall Ontario sits on the Saint Lawrence River, with incredible waterfront views throughout the city. There is a long stretch of parks for you to chill in and smoke Bubba Kush – the soothing body high combined with a summer breeze is sure to put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. Lamoureux Park is particularly nice, with large meadows and plenty of nice seating. Once the munchies kick in, you better hope the annual Cornwall Ribfest is on. This is the largest event in Cornwall, with the 2014 addition attracting a crowd larger than the entire population of Cornwall itself. These ribs will change your life – but if the festival isn’t running, not to worry; there are plenty of other great events to see.

If you are looking to get high twice in the same day, smoke up and head down to the Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off. This event is a hot air balloon and music festival where you can jump in a balloon and soar the skies over the Saint Lawrence River. Nothing beats the feeling of flying high above the amazing Ontario landscape after a nice session with Mary Jane. As with any small city, it’s important to understand its history. The Lost Villages Museum is a series of restored historic buildings that form a small village from the olden days. You will really get a sense of what life was like before Cornwall became the city it is today. Once the sun goes down and you’re feeling lucky, the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is your one stop destination for nightlife and gambling. This place is open all night, so you can make or lose as much money as your heart desires. Order top quality marijuana to Cornwall Ontario at, Kana Post is Canada’s top mail order marijuana service, with a diverse catalogue and cheap shipping anywhere in Canada.