Courtenay sits on the east coast of Vancouver Island, encapsulating the BC wilderness in a single city. There are a few cool attractions in the city, as well as of course the beautiful outdoors surrounding it. To get a good feel for the place, check out the Courtenay District Museum to learn the cultural and natural history of Courtenay, and maybe find some activities to plan your days with. If you are looking for smoking spots, the best two parks in the city are Lewis Park and Puntledge Park. Both are near rivers, with Lewis hosting events and Puntledge a flower garden.

Try some Bluefin Tuna Kush in either of these spots for a mellow day outdoors. If you want to do something a bit more involved after smoking up, the Comox Air Force Museum and Heritage Airpark has planes and war equipment from WWI and II to check out, as well as some interactive exhibits and documentary films. If you want to have a little getaway, pack your favourite weed and bring some friends along to Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge. This lodge is in the middle of the woods and serves as a wildlife refuge, offering tours, bear watching, and other outdoor adventures. A weekend here is sure to be an experience you wont forget. Smoke BC bud in Courtenay with Kana Post online dispensary. Kana Post delivers top quality marijuana anywhere in Canada with fast and cheap shipping. Take your Courtenay experience up a notch with extracts, edibles, and oils all sold at