Welcome to the smallest official city in Ontario. This tiny but charming place is home to unlimited natural beauty and amazing food. We recommend smoking a strain known as Light of Jah out in Aaron National Park for a soft and energetic sativa high. Walk around the park, or bring a bike and hit one of the many biking trails featured throughout the park. There are also nice beaches if you want to relax in the sun and toke up – they literally have a park called “Sandy Beach Park”. If you get yourself super baked, the only place to go is Max the Moose.

This 25 foot sculpture of our Canadian friend is sure to give you the giggles, and while you’re there you can grab a bite to eat. If those munchies still persist, a must visit spot is Chip Box. These famous french fries will blow your mind, with warm soft middles and a crunchy crispy outside. The place is rated five stars on Google and is well known around the area. Run out of weed? Fear not, Kana Post is here. Order pot online to Dryden with our easy to use website, full of various marijuana products. We ship weed, edibles, oils, and extracts anywhere in Canada with flat rate shipping and discreet packaging. If you are looking for high quality weed online, Kana Post is your best friend.