This Albertan oil city sits amongst green rolling hills, and is built on various sides of the five local rivers. Due to its oil-rich roots, the city is a great place to see how the industry works and to learn more about the oil sands. It might sound boring, but the Oil Sands Discovery Centre will show you some really cool technology used to extract oil as well as help you understand the massive scale of the oil sands. If you are looking for a nice place to toke up (of course you are), check out Gregoire Lake Provincial Park for peaceful outdoor recreation and plenty of great spots to sit and smoke weed. The park is definitely more of a summertime place to visit; if its winter then you’ll want to go to Vista Ridge All Seasons Park. Here you can ice skate, ski, snowboard and snowshoe all season long.
The great thing about Fort McMurray is that its far enough north to have a decent view of the Northern Lights. This stunningly colourful dance of green and blue light can be seen from October to March and really is a must see for all visitors and locals. Nothing could be more magical than sitting under the lights with your closest friends, sharing a joint and some stories. Experience Fort McMurray the right way, with the highest quality marijuana in the county from Kana Post. Head to today to browse a massive catalogue of flower, edibles, oils, and vaporizers ready to be shipped to any address in Canada. We proudly deliver to Fort McMurray and other iconic cities in our great country.