Gatineau sits across from Ottawa on the other side of the river, with amazing views of the Ottawa waterfront and the beautiful parliament buildings. Gatineau has many great city activities that go nicely with a joint of BC bud. Head down to the docks by Ottawa river or the garden displays at Jacques Cartier Park for a recluse smoking spot before checking out the rest of the city. The park is absolutely trippy if you’re baked, with sculptures of animals made of plants and driftwood. There are also water displays and a miniature train made with flowers and other magical displays. If you start to get hungry, head to the ByWard market to see a very trendy area with unique food and high end streetwear shops. For the cultural experience, there is the Canadian Museum of History, hosting exhibits devoted to Canadian heritage inside an amazing modern building with white waves and blue stained windows.

For the more artistically inclined, the National Gallery of Canada is the nations premier art gallery. Founded in 1880, the museum has pieces by Andy Warhol and other famous contemporary artists as well as historically important pieces. At night, the Vieux-Hull is huge nightlife spot for Ottawa as well as Gatineau. If you wanna stay stashed up for the party, hit up Kana Post for fast delivery of the finest pot in the country. Our mail order marijuana offers the finest edibles, oil, hash and flower available to deliver with fast and cheap shipping. Check out our extensive catalogue today and receive a discount off your first order.