Guelph is a suburb outside Toronto with a pleasant and quaint downtown and many beautiful homes. It has a very laidback vibe which is perfect for all smokers alike. Head down to the water for your first toke of the day along Guelph lake. We recommended some of our Bubba OG for a smooth indica high. Once your feeling nice and floaty, you can hike along the Rockwood conservation area, or even go canoeing. This natural oasis is the perfect space to clear your mind and shut out the world. For some manmade beauty, look no further than the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate. This incredible gothic church features a stunning stained glass chapel and tall, reddish spires that extend into the heavens. Regardless of religion, this is a must see for all Guelph-goers. Another fantastic building is the Guelph Civic. The Civic hosts historic exhibits about Guelph and the general area inside an old convent. This epic museum has similarly stunning architecture as the Basilica and is one of the crown jewels of the city.

Guelph has been rated one of Canadas best places to live. Its very clean, has no crime, low unemployment, and is close to the great outdoors without being too far from a major city. Such a great place deserves great weed, and Kana Post can provide it. Order weed online anywhere in Canada with Kana Post’s online dispensary. You can have quality product delivered right to you in Guelph, Ontario quickly and discreetly.