This Ottawa suburb is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. It holds the same aesthetic of Ottawa but is much less crowded. If you are looking to take things slow, Kanata is the place for you. Chill out in Walter Baker Park and toke up some Acapulco Gold sure to make any afternoon a breezy time. If you are around during Canada Day, be sure to stay in the park all day to see the food, live music, and fireworks every July 1st. Although Kanata is small, it’s home to the stadium of the Ottawa Senators. You can catch NHL hockey at Canadian Tire Centre from October to April – hockey is always fun to watch, especially if you go baked. Another unique Kanata activity is the Ron Maslin Playhouse.

This classic 350 seat theatre was funded by a volunteer theatre company and has been a stable of art and culture in Kanata for decades. Catch a play or maybe some stand up comedy and support local actors artists and comedians. Kanata does not have the strongest weed culture, so you’ll have to bring it to them. If you don’t have any kush on you, you will have a difficult time finding any dispensaries, so skip the hassle and order online. Kana Post online dispensary can deliver marijuana edibles, flower, oil, and extracts to your home in Kanata. You will get a discreet, smell-proof package in 3-4 business days filled with whatever marijuana product your heart desires. Check it out at!