Sitting on Lake of the Woods, this waterside town is home to a fantastic boating, fishing, and hunting culture. Experience nature around the lake for fantastic camping, fishing, and smoking spots. The lake even has a island you can visit and chill on its beaches, with a great view of the city looking back. People come from all over in the summer for Kenora excellent outdoor activities and services – if you want to find the best spots head to the Pavilion on the waterfront for more information.

Smoke a classic Canadian strain like Sweet Tooth for a mellow high before observing all the great murals around downtown. If you’re up for it, try to find all 20. As with many other Canadian cities, Kenora features a giant sculpture. Husky the Muskie is a massive fish, and is sure to amuse you after a joint or two – make sure to get around to this Kenora staple. If you are looking to simply cruise, roll a few up and get a boat tour of the lake. Sit back and enjoy with the wind in your face, the sun on your back, and smoke on your lips. If you have trouble finding week in Kenora, skip the hassle and go to the internet. Kana Post is an online dispensary that ships high quality pot to Kenora and the rest of Canada. Don’t smoke? No problem, we offer edibles and other products so you can get high anyway you’d like. Order pot online at and never run out of your stash again.