This rowdy university town is one of Ontario’s finest and is more than pot friendly. Light up some White Widow and check out Kingston’s legendary music scene downtown. In just about every bar and venue you will find killer music to suit your taste. While most of the scene is in folk and alt rock, there is plenty of great electronic, rap, and jazz. Kingston is home to Queen’s University, so you are sure to find some smoking buddies to enjoy your Kana Post products with. Campus is full of party folk and is a great place to chill out in the sun and enjoy a toke or two. Take a tour just offshore at the thousand islands tour in a smooth boat cruise through the cottage islands. When your appetite picks up, hop aboard a dining cruise for an unparalleled atmosphere while you devour lobster and crab. For the strong-hearted, Kingston offers tours of the penitentiary. This historic jail was home to Canada’s most dangerous criminals and is the oldest in the country. You will get to see the inner workings of a former maximum security prison and view a piece of Canadian history. With so much to do in Kingston, you won’t want to be without that chronic to get you through the day. Order pot online anywhere in Canada from Kana Post online dispensary. We offer fast shipping and the highest caliber marijuana in the world.