Smoke some Gods Green Crack in Kitchener, Ontario. This sativa dominant hybrid is perfect for daytime, as it gives you a nice body high without making you drowsy or couch locked. Victoria Park is a gorgeous place to smoke up if you’re in town, as it’s set in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city. Once you are nice and lifted, head to the St Jacobs Farmers’ Market and pick some some delicious locally sourced food, or even buy ingredients and cook something up for yourself. Kitchener is home to one of the more unique museums in Canada; its simply called “TheMuseum” and is a “museum of ideas and experiences” rather than history or culture. It has many interactive exhibits that allow to explore cool concepts and experiences that cannot be expressed through traditional media. They have cutting edge technology in their exhibits, such as VR and crystal clear surround sound. This is definitely a must see, especially if you’re baked.

Much like the rest of Ontario and Quebec, there is opportunity to ski in Kitchener if thats your cup of tea. Chicopee Ski Club is just outside the city and is never super busy, so you can skip those annoying lift lines. As far as events go, the two biggest are Oktoberfest and the Blues Festival. Oktoberfest is the larger of the two and lasts nine days and is the biggest of its kind in Canada. The event is televised nationally and finishes up on thanksgiving. The festival includes traditional German dance, a Miss Oktoberfest pageant, and plenty of beer and food. If you want some weed to accompany you during your Kitchener adventures, be sure to order online at Kana Post delivers to any Canadian address with fast and cheap shipping – check out our catalogue of goods today!