If you’re from Laval Quebec, then you know how beautiful it is. With old stone buildings and plush greenery everywhere, Laval is a very relaxing and rejuvenating place to be. Smoke on some Mataro Blue from Kana Post and feel your muscles and mind relax. Ile des Moulins is a top place to smoke in Laval, with riverfront views and features such as a history museum, nature trails, picnic spots and grassy fields. One of the top attractions to check out in the city is Nature Centre, which is a very peaceful place with farmhouses, a greenhouse, ice rink, and amazing nature walks. If you are looking for a relaxing day, the Nature Centre is the place to be.  Smoke another joint in Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard Nature Park, surrounded by forrest trails, wildlife, and a great boardwalk to wonder along and take in the atmosphere of the water.

Once you’re nice and high, head to the Cosmodome for a out of this world experience. The cosmodrome is a space centre with many interactive exhibits, including a star observatory and a room that simulates lunar gravity. For summertime, there is the Super Aqua Club, which is a massive water-based theme park that has huge rides, wave pools, and beach areas to lounge in. Bring a few friends to this aqua wonderland for a fun day in the sun. Stash running out? No problem – Kana Post has you covered. Order the best weed in Canada straight to your door in Laval, Quebec through our mail order marijuana service. Order pot online anywhere in Canada with fast shipping and discreet packaging. Kana Post also offers edibles, oils, and extracts to keep you high however you’d like.