Lloydminister is one of the more unique cities in Canada: it lies on two different provinces! The city is in between Alberta and Saskatchewan and is cut right down the middle by the border. The border itself is a sight to see, with large ornate statues marking the beginning of the next province. For stoner-related activities in Lloydminister, we recommend the Bud Miller All Seasons Park. This outdoor recreation centre has disc golf and spray pads and is a great place to head with your buddies and smoke one up. Another unique activity in Lloydminister is the escape rooms. Called “Border Escape”, this live action game involved escape a room using your smarts to solve various physical and mental puzzles. Its a lot of fun, especially in big groups – eat an edible beforehand so you can enter the creative mindset required for such a task.

Kana Post has multiple edible options, from gummys to cookies and everything in between. Another great adventure to take on is the Cultural and Science Centre. With plenty of great exhibits to explore, its an adult playhouse for those into history and technology. You’ll want plenty of weed while checking out these great sites, however its not easy to find good stuff in Lloydminster. Kana Post online dispensary delivers high quality mairjuana products anywhere in Canada, including Lloydminster. We sell edibles, flower, oil, and extracts all on our easy to use website at