There are many great cities in Quebec, but perhaps the greatest is Montreal. This life filled university city has a great combination of youthful energy and rich history. Hit campus to meet some new smoking buddies, then go to the top of Mount Royal and puff on a nice big joint of our White Haze for a killer sativa high. Mount Royal has got to be one of the nicest spots in the city, with an incredible view of downtown and a stunning all-year park. Once you are nice and toasted, we recommend a visit to the Montreal Biodome. This incredible place has four separate ecosystems inside that you can explore while you learn about biology from around the world.

Once your high comes down, smoke another one at the Montreal Botanical Garden for unrivalled peace and quiet. The garden has themed exhibits so you can experience something new during different times of the year. During summer, the Montreal Jazz Festival is without a doubt the most exciting event to attend. Its absolutely free and features a wide range of artists and genres ranging from hip hop to rock and roll (and of course jazz). Image sitting in the Montreal sun with a joint in one hand and poutine in other while you watch Snoop Dogg  or Tame Impala perform your favourites. There are many other fantastic events in the city, such as the Canadian Grand Prix and the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. There is plenty to do in Montreal, and you’ll want plenty of weed to smoke to compliment that. Instead of bumming around the streets or trying to find a dispensary, order online from Kana Post. You can get edibles, extracts, and flower delivered right to your door with fast and cheap shipping. Have a look at our catalogue at and get started today!