This city in southern Saskatchewan lies on the Moose Jaw river and is named accordingly. It may seem like an ordinary town with humble history, but Moose Jaw was actually a smuggling spot for Al Capone’s gang during American Prohibition. There are underground tunnels that run from Moose Jaw to the US that were used to bring Canadian whiskey across the border. You can visit this place of history and walk inside the tunnels.

For a more smoker friendly activity, we recommend going to the Saskatchewan Festival of Worlds during July. Here you will find stands from different cultures around the world. Toke on some Lemon Drop and see the world in just a few hours. There is music, food, and dance to give you a little taste of countries all over the planet. Once you tire out, head to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort for some rest and relaxation. This geothermal spa will feel absolutely amazing, especially high. They offer jacuzzis, massages, and steam rooms to keep you feeling clean and rejuvenated. An obvious site to see in Moose Jaw (especially for the stoners) is Mac the Moose. He is simply a giant sculpture of a Moose – it speaks for itself. If you find yourself in Moose Jaw, you will be needing plenty of weed, and Kana Post has you covered. Visit our online dispensary for great selection and high quality bud delivered right to your door.