Smoke up in this classic coastal BC city. Nanaimo is famous for great waterfront areas, beautiful harbours, and one of the best stoner foods of all time; the Nanaimo Bar. Head down to the water and walk the seawall to find great smoking spots all along the boardwalks and beaches. There are benches everywhere along the coastline providing amazing views of the water and surrounding islands. If the munchies kick in, you are always nearby a place selling the famous Nanaimo Bar: a coconut wafer base, a custard icing middle, and a chocolate ganache top layer. This Canadian treat is famous across the country for a reason, and is sure to send your taste buds into heaven. The city itself is full of a variety of shops, from streetwear to old antique shops, all housed in original brick buildings and hundred year old wooden storefronts.

One of the most celebrated buildings is the Nanaimo Bastion – this octagon shaped complex hosts a museum explaining the history of Nanaimo and offers great insight into activities nearby. To get out into nature, there is Newcastle Island, providing a beautiful place to hike, camp, and relax on the beach. Unlike in the city, there are great sandy beaches here to lie out on in comfort. One of the most famous hikes in the Nanaimo area is Englishman River Falls, which provides an incredible view for you to enjoy while you smoke a nice indica like Lavender Kush at sunset. Experience Nanaimo BC the right way, with top quality weed from Kana Post. Order pot anywhere in Canada with our mail order marijuana service, shipping flower, oil, rosin, edibles and more right to your home. Visit today to get started.