Sitting just outside of Toronto, Newmarket boats great outdoor space, river access, and one of the biggest theme parks in the country. Start your day right with a nice joint of Death Bubba in George Richardson Park before checking out the old town. Old City hall is a classic stone building in the historic Main Street area – have a look inside for a peak into the past. There is also Black Creek Pioneer Village if you want a real blast from the past. This 1800s preserved village, features artifacts, buildings, and costumed actors which combine to make a genuine 1800s experience. Going here will really help you get a sense of the history of the area.

If you want a nice spot to chill, check out the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons. There are many great picnic spots and water features like a splash pool and waterslides. The area also hosts many live events throughout the year, and has outdoor skating in the winter. Smoke another joint in Fairy Lake Park before heading to the big attraction: Canada’s Wonderland. This famous theme park has over 200 attractions, with games, rides, and plenty of waterslides. Bring a few friends (and a few joints) and let out your inner child in this park of wonder and amazement. Order weed online to Newmarket Ontario with Kana Post mail order marijuana service. Browse our selection of top quality weed, including edibles, extracts, and oils. Kana Post offers cheap 2 day shipping on all orders and if you sign up today, you will receive a discount off your first order. What are you waiting for? Visit today to get started.