Owen Sound is located at the mouths of the Pottawatomi and Sydenham Rivers. Smoke a nice joint in the peaceful forest of Harrison Park before eating a top notch meal at Casero Kitchen Table. They are famous for the best brisket around, smoked in-house and slathered in homemade barbeque sauce. If that doesn’t wet your appetite, you simply haven’t smoked enough. Owen has a surprisingly big music scene, hosting big concerts in Kelso Beach Park during the summer. It’s a fantastic vibe down there, so bring a couple friends and a couple more joints for a great afternoon in the sun. The best hike to do in Owen Sound is Inglis Falls.

There are waterfalls along almost all of the hike, so you don’t have to wait till the end to see great views. Being in the forest is great for the mind and soul – pair that with a bit of weed and you will reach true serenity. The falls are a big tourist attraction, so make sure you go early in the morning. If you want to find good weed to smoke in Owen Sound, you will probably have difficulty. However, if you want to order weed to Owen Sound, it’s as easy as you like. Simply visit and order weed, edibles, extracts, oils, and thc honey through our mail order marijuana service. We deliver to Owen Sound and just about everywhere else in Canada with flat-rate shipping and discreet packaging. Check out our products today and receive a first-timers discount to get you started.


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