Head out to Red Deer for some good ol fashioned Canadian fun. Winter or summer, this city offers a genuine Canadian experience. Winter activities include ice fishing and skating on Bower Pond as well as plenty of sledding and snowshoeing. Smoke some Pennywise from Kana Post and have a rip around on skates with the boys, or toke up to make that boring fishing trip a little more exciting. In the summer, take a walk around the town along the river, or get trippy and head to Red Deer Art Gallery under the influence. If you haven’t been to an art gallery high, you don’t know what your missing: trust us, we’re professionals. Of course Red Deer is as good a place as any to smoke any Kana Post product to enter an elevated state of mind while you relax in the sun. Smoke quality kush in the bush as you take in the beautiful nature and views of this great Canadian hallmark. Kana Post can deliver the best cannabis anywhere in Canada with the best mail order service in country.