Regina is one of the most interesting cities in Saskatchewan. It is pretty developed and has that classic “big city feel” of other Canadian cities – chic, modern buildings surrounded by a plethora of greenery. For smoking spots, check out Victoria Park and roll up some White Haze. This is like the central park of Regina and takes you away from the city while still being right in the centre. The park is surrounded by some of the nicest glass buildings in the city. Once you are nice and high, go to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and chill in the front courtyard where you will find amazing colourful flower arrangements and sculpted bushes. Another pretty place is the Wascana Centre which is a lakefront park, providing plenty of great spots to sit, light one up, and relax.

There are also many nearby fishing lakes if you are looking to find some peace and quiet in order to increase your inner zen. Inside the city there is the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and the Science Centre. These are two very impressive buildings, with the latter offering incredible scientific exhibitions. If you want to educated yourself a bit, head to the Provincial Museum of Natural History for interesting expositions about mother nature. Regina is a great city, and it deserves great weed. Go to Kana Post to order weed online to Regina and other great Canadian cities. Kana Post is Canada’s premier mail order marijuana service, offering incredible prices, selection, and quality.