This Quebec city sits on a river of the same name and is known for its charm and beautiful waterfront views. The Center Plein Air Dec-Scie is the best place to spark one up – we recommend trying some Super Silver Haze. This outdoor wonderland is a great place for outdoor recreation of all kinds, perfect for getting that much needed fresh air. Even just walking around the neighbourhoods is a great way to experience its beauty and charm. There is a regional museum that will give you a little context to the city (called La Pulerie de Chicoutimi), including the story of the little white hosue. 

There was a massive flood in Saguenay in ’96 which caused over 1.5 billion dollars of damages and tested the will of the people and the city itself. During many days of flooding, a little white house sustained the onslaught, and it still stands today as a museum. La Musee de la Petite Maison Blanche offers amazing views of the city and will give you plenty of insight into its incredible story. If you are looking for something a little more trippy, pick up a Flyte pens from Kana Post and head to The Musée du Fjord. Once you are nice and high, go to the aquarium section for an underwater adventure you wont forget. Order pot online to Saguenay Quebec and everywhere else across Canada. Kana Post online dispensary will deliver edibles, extracts, oil, and bud straight to your door in discreet packaging.