Saint-Hyacinthe sits on Yamaska river, just east of Montreal. It has many beautiful stone features and amazing waterfront views. For a top-notch day in Saint-Hyacinthe, start by smoking Pink Kush in the Daniel A. Seguin Garden. As the warmth of the body high kicks in, you’ll be taken to a place of true restfulness among the amazing flowers and plants. St. Hyacinth has a fantastic public market down on the pier where you can buy high quality produce and meats, artisan goods, and craft beer and cheese. Take home some of these top notch ingredients and cook up an amazing meal to satisfy your munchies. As with many Quebec cities, there is a gorgeous cathedral to see in St. Hyacinth, with dual green spires on the outside and an all white chapel with gold trim on the inside.

 In the summer, you’ll definitely want to check out the golf course at Golf La Providence, or chill by the Yamaska River with a few js. In the winter however, its simply too damn cold to golf or be near the river. You are much better off going sledding in Parc Les Salines. This massive park has some of the biggest sledding hills you will ever see, with over 105 hectares of total area. Order weed online from Kana Post so you can puff on the good stuff while cruising down the snowy slopes of Les Salines. Kana Post delivers all sorts of marijuana and related products anywhere in Canada with fast and cheap shipping. Order weed to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec today – visit to get started!