Originally an important transportation hub, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a bright and vibrant city build along the Richelieu River. It has a classic Quebec feel and some historic Canadian sites to visit and experience. The most prominent of these is Chambly Canal, built in 1843 and still used often today. You might want to light one up here and take a stroll through the various parks and paths that border the canal. Once your munchies kick in, you must visit Fromagerie Au Gre Des Champs. This farm is an amazing place for locally made cheese, bread, and wine. Lavish in some of the best food and ingredients Quebec has to offer and take some back with you to enjoy at home. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu not only has fine food, but also plenty of fine art at the Galerie du Vieux St-Jean. It hosts a mixture of foreign and locally made art, as well as both modern and classical pieces (mostly paintings). If you want to sit and relax at the end of your day catch a movie at the Theatre des Deux Rives.

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