This Quebec suburb serves as the gateway to the Laurentian Mountains and sits outside of Montreal. Smoke up our Purple Tuna strain in the Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve to start your day right. If you love outdoor activities, the Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is the place to be. This multi-use trail has biking, hiking, and skiing so you can get your outdoor fix. If you want to take your skiing to the next level, Centre De Ski De Fonds Gai-Luron has some of the best skiing in the province. One of the best high activities, art viewing, is available in Saint-Jérôme. Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides offers fine contemporary art, which is perfect for the outside the box thinking experienced after smoking that Purple Tuna.

There is also the Vieux-Palais which is both a modern art gallery and a public library. Last but certainly not least are the various summer festivals in Saint-Jérôme, the biggest being the annual folk festival. Music is a great way to get together with people and just relax with good vibes (and good weed). Order the best weed in Canada to Saint-Jérôme through You can purchase a selection of edibles, oils, and flower and we will deliver it anywhere in Canada. If you hail from Saint-Jérôme, you know its tough to find good quality stuff on the street, so skip the hassle and head online now.