This lakefront city is the epitome of Ontario lake country, with classic sparkling blue water and lush green trees. Walk along Lake St. Clair to see multiple beaches with plenty of sailing and yacht clubs. Bring a stash of your finest kush and go camping with friends at Lakeport State Park. Toke up lakeside with the sun on your face and a drink in your hand – it doesn’t get much better than that. Another great lakeside spot is Canatara Beach and Park. This incredible lakefront property stretches over 200 acres and features a mini zoo and a working train to get you around. If you want to see wildlife, Lake Chipican hosts over 200 bird species that land on the lake during their migration routes.

If you want a trip to the past, smoke some Rockstar from Kana Post and head to Stones n Bones. This museum has artifacts, fossils, and bones, from all around the world and stories to bring them to life. You can go back to Egyptian times or enter the land of the dinosaurs, all inside a small city in Ontario! If you are in Sarnia at the right time, you must see the Mackinac sailing boat race to get a great feel for the boating and sailing culture of the city. Another great attraction is Germain Park, with various pieces of art, statues (including an old jet fighter), and beautiful community gardens, its one of the best places to be in the province. Order pot online now from Kana Post online dispensary. We deliver to Sarnia, Ontario and everywhere else in Canada with fast, cheap shipping and the best catalogue of products in the industry.