Saskatoon is largest city in Saskatchewan, so when you’re here make sure to smoke the largest joint you can. We recommend starting your Saskatoon journey with our AAAA Space Queen bud – its some of the best weed known to humankind. One of the premier sites in Saskatoon is Wanuskewin Heritage Park, where you can see exhibitions exploring various aspects of Canadian indigenous culture. Another great place of art and culture is the Remai Modern art gallery. The Remai is housed in one of the most amazing buildings in the province – the architecture alone is an art piece. Inside there are all sorts of different art mediums to explore. Going to an art gallery high is a really fun experience and you are sure to enjoy yourself, especially at the Remai Modern. Saskatoon is built around a river, and you can ride it from end to end on the Prairie Lilly, taking you through amazingly scenic views of the city. 

To get your nature fix, there is the Beaver Conversation Areas, where you can smoke a spliff while walking any of the various wildlife trails through the prairie grasslands. By far the best high activity in the city is the Saskatoon Fireworks Festival – we shouldn’t have to explain why. To keep you nice and lifted throughout your time spent in Saskatoon, head to to find high quality bud that can be delivered right to your door. Kana Post online dispensary also has edibles and extracts so you can get your THC buzz anyway you like. Order weed online to Saskatoon Saskatchewan and other cities in Canada through Kana Post.