Sherbrooke Quebec is built in the middle of incredible natural beauty, with national parks and lakes offering great excursions and activities all year round. Lac des Nations is one of the supreme smoking spots in the city, with stunning blue water and bright yellow plants lining the shore. We recommend smoking a high quality strain such as Tom Ford to match your high quality environment. To learn more about the great outdoors, there is the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. Explore mind blowing fact about mother nature and experience ecosystems from around the world in this high calibre Sherbrooke attraction. During the winter months it get quite cold out in Sherbrooke, and that means less sitting around and more winter sports! Mont-Orford National Park offers the perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and also provides great camping in the summer. 

To continue your wintery time, check out the Carnaval de Sherbrooke. This is a Quebec winter festival celebrating all sorts of  Canadian things, ranging from maple syrup taffy to snowball fights. You are guaranteed a good time at this classic annual Sherbrooke event. You’ll definitely want to bring some kush for you and your friends during your Sherbrooke stay, so keep stocked up at Kana Post is one the the premier mail order marijuana services in Canada, with a fantastic selection and cheap shipping. We proudly serve Sherbrooke and other great destinations across Canada.