There is no place quite like Central Park in NYC – well, except Spruce Grove of course! The humble Canadian spin-off may not be as famous, but it sure is beautiful. With fantastic water features and beautiful maple and oak trees, there isn’t a better place to blaze up and relax. If parks aren’t your style, make some of the more mundane attractions such as the Spruce Grove Grain Elevator Museum more exciting with some Pink Kush from Kana Post’s rapid pot delivery service. We also offer extracts: smoke some Honey Oil in a joint, bong, or vaporizer and chill in this youth-rich Alberta town. For sports lovers, this is a perfect place. There are three amazing golf courses for you to unwind and smack a few balls with friends. After golfing, you can round of the day with one of many hikes in Wagner. Kana Post is proud to offer the highest quality marijuana products to the humble city of Spruce Grove and other great places across Canada.