St. Thomas is a small city in the lower part of Ontario. Roll up some Lemon Drop during summer and get lifted in Waterworks Park to enjoy the St. Thomas sun. Different types of birds come from all over to Waterworks park, so you can simply sit and watch them go by all day, just remember to bring lunch! Another brilliant spot is Pinafore Park, with big fountains and lush gardens its a very peaceful place to spend some one-on-one time with just you and the joint. If you’re feeling stoned enough, you can check out the Elgin County Railway Museum, which is probably as boring as it sounds but it might be interesting with enough THC in your system. The biggest standout attraction in St. Thomas is the Jumbo the Elephant Memorial. It’s a life-sized statue of a beloved elephant that was killed by accident in 1885.

. 100 years later they built a memorial for him to immortalize the friendly giant, and you can see it today in the city centre square. Out of everything in St. Thomas, the most impressive is its art gallery. The St Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre carries 1700 works from local, national, and international artists, focused mostly on pieces that carry a level of historical significance for Canada. You can spend all day here, with a wide range of styles and genres to experience and three separate galleries. You’ll definitely want to be stoned if you go, so stay stocked up on the good stuff. If you run out, Kana Post has you covered with fast shipping to St. Thomas Ontario. You can order cannabis flower, extracts, and edibles anywhere in Canada at, with discreet shipping straight to your front door. If you check out the website today and place your first order, you’ll get a first timers discount to get you started