Sudbury Ontario is a quirky place with some very unique sights to see. This makes it a great place to be stoned in – it has both mind-blowing experiences and funny attractions. The first and biggest place to check out is Science North. This epic science museum boasts a massive planetarium as well as an IMAX theatre. Smoke some of our Pre 98 Bubba for an incredible mind and body high before exploring the starry sky with incredible graphics and vivid detail. Then watch a mind-blowing movie on the world’s biggest screen at the IMAX theatre. If you’re movie craving still hasn’t been satisfied, you can check out Cinefest Sudburry. This annual international film festival has been running since 1989 and has produced some of the best independent films in Canada. If you are looking for something new and refreshing, this is the event to see.

There are also many great attractions outside the city – Bell Park provides incredible views and a very green and lush environment, making it one of the best smoking spots you will find in Sudbury. Last but certainly not least is Dynamic Earth. This is a another science museum focused on geology and mining, and is home to the cities most famous attraction: a  giant nickel over 9m high. Yes seriously. This thing is no joke, and is sure to make your jaw drop. Get high quality marijuana delivered to Sudbury so you can enjoy these great experiences on another level. Buy edibles, hash, flower, and extracts online at Canada’s best mail order pot service,