Thunder Bay Ontario sits on Lake Superior, one of the most scenic places in Canada. It boasts various conservation areas and parks with plenty of greenery and waterfront views, as well as a rich history. Spark up a fatty of our NYC Blue Diesel on your hike to Kakabeka falls for incredible views of waterfalls, rivers, and woodland areas. You can even set up camp in this peaceful place and spend the night if you’d like. Another good hiking area is Mount Mckay, it has many different trails and plenty of great viewpoints/smoking spots. Thunder Bay is unique in that you can visit its original settlement in preserved form. The Fort William Historical Park has costumed actors who bring to life the original fur trading post and create an impressive live action experience. Going here high would be mind blowing, as you talk to people hundreds of years old in buildings which are even older. Maybe you can even find a few ye olde friends to toke up with.

 As far as the city goes, you’ll want to check out the Thunder Bay Tourist Pogoda. This is a national historic site of Canada and one of the more interesting and unique looking buildings you’ll find. Inside you can get tourist information about activities to do around the city as well as restaurant and accommodation recommendations. Order weed online to Thunder Bay Ontario and other places across Canada from Kana Post online dispensary. You’ll want a high quality stash to go with your Thunder Bay adventures, so order now for fast shipping direct to your door.