Smoke a backwood in Woodstock, Ontario. Known as “The Friendly City”, Woodstock features
well preserved victorian streetscapes and classic brick and stone buildings. The old stone feeling is certainly unique for Canada, making this a great city to simply walk around in and spark up some Pineapple Express or whatever other weed you have around. Once the joint has seen its final moments, the Southside Aquatic Centre is sure to provide you with a relaxing afternoon in the hot tub and pool. Weed and water go together like peanut and jelly. Speaking of food, if you get hungry you must go to the Downtown Farmers Market – they have cheese, baked goods, meat, and fresh produce to satisfy the strongest of munchies. While you’re downtown, you should check out the Woodstock Museum National Historic Site. The museum has rotating exhibits featuring various highlights of Canadian history, as well as a permanent collection of over 23,000 artifacts.

If its nice outside and you want to get out into nature, the
Pittock Conservation Area has over 2000 acres of scenic nature for camping, hiking, boating, swimming, and disc golf. Pittock is big enough to visit very often and never be in the same place twice. Whether you are simply looking for a calming spot to smoke up in, or you want to conquer the great outdoors, Pittock is the place to go. Don’t be weed-less in Woodstock! Stay stocked up with high quality, locally sourced bud from Kana Post. Kana Post delivers flower, edibles, and extracts anywhere in Canada with fast and cheap shipping, including the one and only Woodstock. If you want to get started, visit today and get a discount off your first order.