Smoke Alpine Star weed in Joliette, Quebec. Start your week right with a nice doob in Parc Riverain, with beautiful views of the water and the hot sun on your back. The park overlooks the city skyline, with the central feature being the Cathedrale de Joliette. This stunning catholic church towers above the other buildings and really makes the city skyline. Joliette is a good town to walk around in and smoke a J or two, with many older historic buildings and a great old-town feel. Simply wander around stoned and grab a bite to eat by the river or sit in one of the many parks.

Of course, one of the best high activities is art viewing and luckily there is a great gallery called the Joliette Art Museum. It has a large collection of paintings sculptures from the french middle ages so you can see some epic battle scenes, portraits of fat people, and whatever else they painted back then. If you are feeling particularly fancy, then you should definitely go to the Antoine Lacombe House and Gardens. Bring a Flyte Pen so you can get high on the down low while you walk through the gardens, courtyard, and fountains of this converted mansion. Inside you can check out more art and preserved artifacts. If you want to buy a Flyte Pen vape or simply order some weed, check out Kana Post. We deliver edibles, oil, extracts, and flower to Joliette Quebec and across Canada. is Canadas premier mail order marijuana service – check it out today and receive a discount on your first order.